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The Signs of the Kingdom

By Joe Boot/ September 25, 2016

Series  Mark: The King and His Kingdom

Context  Westminster Chapel Toronto

Topic  Kingdom Of God

Scripture  Mark 1:14-2:12

When Jesus calls us to His service, far from slavery, it is a gracious act in which He saves our lives.

Scripture:  Mark 1:14-2:12

Sermon Notes:

  1. Jesus received power from the Father to lead a new kingdom to victory.
  2. Human kings are unable to rule over their own passions, but Jesus was fully God and not subject to the power of sin. Jesus confronts Satan and demonstrates control over the temptation to sin.
  3. All the creatures were willingly subject to Jesus in the wilderness, as it was in the original created order.
  4. We struggle against Satan but we do so in the knowledge that Christ has already won the victory.
  5. Jesus’ entire life is claimed by God; He is God’s truly obedient Son, totally opposed to Satan and sin.
  6. Jesus is not only pious, but He is set apart to claim all of creation and all of life for God.
  7. Jesus sets His disciples apart for a life of total service to the gospel, and by this calling Jesus saves their lives.
  8. When Jesus calls us to His service, far from slavery, it is a gracious act in which He saves our lives.
  9. By the power of His Father, Jesus was republishing the true thesis of creation. The truth has power because it declares what God has ordained.
  10. Many were amazed by Jesus, but did not subject themselves to His teaching.
  11. Jesus’ words contained power that conquered devils. But many did not realize that Jesus had come to deliver them from devils.
  12. Jesus comes to set us free from all the fear, depression, and oppression that has ever gripped us.
  13. When Jesus healed the paralytic, the most important thing was that He forgave his sin. Likewise, when we turn to Christ we get not only His help but also forgiveness of our sins.
  14. Jesus graciously heals Peter’s mother-in-law enabling her to serve.
  15. The Scriptures foretold the King who comes to destroy sin and to re-establish a kingdom of peace (Ps. 103. Isa. 43:25; Mic. 7:19; Dan. 7:13-14).
  16. As the devils and religious leaders opposed Jesus’ ministry, so today Satan is still at work in the institutional church to resist the King and His kingdom.
  17. Many do not recognize their need for the King, but there is nothing better than to be shoved from our proud position and to be rescued by the Lord.
  18. Despite all this opposition, the Father is still revealing Himself.

Application Questions:

  1. Why are earthly kings unable to bring order and peace to the world?
  2. How is the gospel a republishing of the thesis of creation?
  3. What are people today afraid of when they reject or oppose Christ the King?
  4. How is God healing you and calling you to serve?