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Podcast in Education


Education, Line-Up Changes, and Why We Exist

by Joe Boot and Michael Thiessen and Nate Wright and Ryan Eras

January 10, 2024

A bittersweet start to 2024, as we announce some changes to the hosting of the Podcast for Cultural Reformation, but we are also excited to see the founding of a new Christian school in the Niagara region, and the work of cultural reform being implemented in concrete ways. We also take this occasion to look…


Education, Luther, Slums, and the Metaverse

by Ryan Eras and Vishal Mangalwadi

April 26, 2023

The connection between all these themes becomes clear in this special guest episode with Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi. He explains the Third Education Revolution movement, the role of technology, and the historic impact that the gospel has had, through education, on the family, church, and all other spheres. Vishal is currently on a lecture tour of…


The Role of the Christian University

by Ben Merkle and Joe Boot and Nathan Oblak and Ryan Eras

May 11, 2022

Our newest Fellow, Dr. Ben Merkle, joins us on this week’s episode. Dr. Merkle is President of New Saint Andrews College, and we talk about the current state of higher education, the need for foundational worldview formation in critical thinking, and the fact that half the students in universities don’t need to be there.


The Colour of Death and the Law of Life, Part 2

by Joe Boot

September 1, 2021

In order to achieve the visions of liberation and environmental justice it is necessary to shape the hearts and minds of the rising generation. One of the main planks in the radical environmentalist platform is to ensure the children have been indoctrinated regarding the ‘facts’ about climate change and understand their own negative impact on the earth as analogous to a virus infecting a host.


The Gospel Beyond the Headlines

by Joe Boot and Nathan Oblak and Ryan Eras

June 23, 2021

The good news of the gospel message has profound consequences beyond personal salvation. The gospel is the power of God to extend His Kingdom rule over residential schools, closed churches, and godless legislation.


The Calling and Heritage of Christian Education

by Joe Boot

June 9, 2021

Joe Boot explains the importance to culture of a uniquely Christian approach to education, and the role of education in planning for and shaping the future.


Shakespeare and a Christian Paideia

by Ryan Eras and Sarah-Jane Bentley

September 20, 2019 | Philippians 4:4-9

Sarah-Jane Bentley brings her years of teaching English literature to bear on the question of bringing up children, the goal of education, and the discovery of truth. She also explains the kind of worldview that could make a role model out of Lady Macbeth.


The Idol of Higher Education

by Ben Merkle and Ryan Eras

December 7, 2018

The true purpose of education is to create people who understand that in Christ they are free indeed. Universities today have lost sight of that goal, and until God grants repentance, we are driving off a cliff into economic ruin.


The Educational Pillar of Culture

by Dennis Doty and Ryan Eras

March 15, 2018 | Proverbs 1:20-33

Dennis Doty, Principal of Westminster Classical Christian Academy, talks about What our view of education says about our culture, and a biblical way to think about education that involves the whole community for the benefit of children and society.