Your Life Matters:
Restorative Justice for a Broken World

Your Life Matters: A Conference on Restorative Justice for a Broken World

Saturday, March 6, 2021 | Edmonton, Alberta

Justice is an issue that concerns all of us and is close to the heart of God as well. Each of us has some standard for what constitutes “justice” and “injustice,” and our view of justice influences how we act and think in meaningful ways every day. Life-or-death decisions are made based on concepts of justice, so it matters that we get it right.

Where is the standard for justice located? Is it in the eternal character of God, or in the developing and changing will of a people or government? How does our understanding of justice require us to live? And how do we advocate for a biblical vision of justice in a world with competing and incompatible standards?

On March 6, join the Ezra Institute for a one-day conference to learn about the theology and practice of justice, what it means to be human, and what is at stake if we get our understanding of justice wrong.

Conference Details


West Edmonton Christian Assembly
6315 199 Street Northwest
Edmonton, AB
T5T 6N2

Mission of God West


8:00 -  Registration and Refreshments

8:30 -  Welcome and Worship in Song

9:05 -  Lecture 1 – Joe Boot: What is at Stake for Western Civilization? (Followed by Q&A)

10:55 -  Break. Exhibit hall open

11:20 -  Lecture 2 – Jason Hagen: Who is Equipped for this Task? (Followed by Q&A)

1:15 -  Lunch

2:45 -  Worship in Song

3:05 -  Lecture 3 – Andre Schutten: Where is the Fight for Justice Most Urgent? (Followed by Q&A)

5:00 -  Break

5:25 -  Lecture 4 – Joe Boot: Why You Must Participate in Restorative Justice (Followed by Q&A with all speakers)

7:10 -  Dismissal

Speaker Bios

Andre Schutten


André is Director of Law & Policy and General Legal Counsel for ARPA Canada, the Association for Reformed Political Action. He researches and writes on public policy, particularly from a Christian perspective, and conducts regular analysis on the impact of different government bills and court judgments. He has represented ARPA Canada in various court interventions, having made written arguments before the Supreme Court of Canada three times and written and oral arguments in three provincial courts of appeal. He was called to the Ontario Bar on June 21, 2011. Andre is Fellow for Law and Civil Discourse with the Ezra Institute.

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Rev. Dr. Joseph Boot

M.A., Ph. D.

Joe Boot is a Christian thinker, cultural apologist/philosopher, and founder of the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity, a worldview training organization and think-tank in Grimsby, Ontario. He is also the founding pastor of Westminster Chapel and founder of Westminster Classical Christian Academy, both in Toronto. Joe has spoken, debated and guest lectured globally and writes on cultural philosophy and theology exploring the biblical worldview as it relates to the Christian's mission in the world. His most recent contributions to scriptural cultural philosophy include Mission of God, Gospel Culture and Gospel Witness.

Jason Hagen

Jason grew up in Timmins, Ontario. After touring through eastern mysticism, agnosticism, and many other ‘isms' in his young adult years, God broke into his life in his late 20's. Since coming to trust Jesus Christ, Jason has been propelled by a passion to tell others of the true joy, hope, and peace he's come to know in Jesus. This passion for the gospel led him from street preaching into serving full time for 8 years as a Student Ministries Pastor in Toronto, working with urban youth in a multicultural setting. While serving there, Jason was educated at Heritage College and Seminary, and ordained in 2011 with the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada. Jason now serves as lead Pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in Edmonton, Alberta.

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